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Lafuma zero gravity chair

Lafuma zero gravity chair reviews – portable luxury of relaxation

Lafuma is a French manufacturer of tourist and camping equipment, whose history goes back to 1930. Lafuma is one of the leading companies in the sphere offering excellent quality products that are highly recognized in the world. Following modern trends of making ergonomic furniture, the company offers to try its zero gravity chairs – comfortable and durable products of outstanding quality. The Lafuma zero gravity chair has been on the market for some time, and many people find it to be quite the steal in terms of value. It’s a comfortable, high-quality chair that makes it nice and easy for you to feel comfortable without any of the usual cumbersome nature of other chairs.

Lafuma zero gravity chair

What, though, makes a zero gravity chair like this one worth your time and money? What can this offer that makes it worth your time and your hard-earned money? Are other options on the market preferable?

About lafuma zero gravity chair

Zero gravity chair promises to offer you a well-adjusted, comfortable chair that makes life easier for you. If you are someone who is taller than the average person then you might be like others and find that your average zero gravity chairs do not offer enough comfort for you. If that is the case, then this is the perfect chair for you – the Lafuma zero gravity chair is made for those who are a little larger than the norm!

Take comfort with you!

What’s delightful about lafuma zero gravity chair is that it provides you with ultimate comfort that can be easily folded and taken to any place: to your garden, patio you can unfold it at the pool or on the beach, for fishing or tourist trips.

Wherever you are, you get the pleasant feeling of complete relaxation thanks to the zero gravity technology borrowed from NASA aircraft. You can adjust your position according to your wish, whether upright or reclined to feel weightlessness.

Lafuma lounge chair is also good for your health: When you lie back in it, your weight is evenly distributed thus reducing the pressure on your back and relieving the stress that has gathered from work. When the summer sun is shining brightly and it’s so hot outside. You can relax in your cozy recliner and enjoy your cold drink that is at your fingertips as many models have a drink holder.

Simply relax with your legs stretched out –

You can simply relax with your legs stretched out in a natural manner, rather than having to make compromises due to your height. This makes it easy to adjust, manage and move to find the perfect position for resting in the chair.  Itself is made to have a smart ergonomic arm-rest that maintains position even when reclining. This allows you to easily get in and out of the chair without any of the stress or strain that other zero gravity chairs suffer from. The padded, comfortable nature of the chair, though, will make you want to never get out of it again!

Perfect position –

The patented seat clip that comes with this, too, can easily be used to help keep the chair in perfect position for you. This allows you to move the chair when you want to, not when you want to just sit and relax.

Lafuma_top zero gravity chair black

The large frame ensures that the chair works both indoors and outdoors, too, using a20mm powder-coated HTL frame made from the strongest, sturdiest steel. An impressive 24 pounds in weight, this manages to maintain large amounts of weight without bending or buckling on you.

Features & Specifications:

  1. Item Dimensions: 49.2 x 30 x 35.4 inches.
  2. Material Type: Canvas, Steel.
  3. Pillow Dimensions: 49.5 inches high x 29.9 inches wide x 35.4 inches long.
  4. Chair Type: Recliners.
  5. Assembly: Assembled.
  6. Color: Blue, Brown, Grey.

At around 49.2 x 29.9 x 35.4”, too, this is a well-sized chair with plenty of space, opportunity and ability for relaxation, resting and enjoyment. Keeping this in mind, the Lafuma zero gravity chair certainly ticks all of the conventional boxes.

The advantages of Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair

1. One of the main characteristics of every lounge chair is its frame. Chinese cheap chair manufacturers save on the material, that’s why the frame is usually heavy and not durable enough. Also the weight is a very important factor for such a product, as it should portable. Lafuma lounge chairs and recliners are made of highly flexible HLE steel that is 30% sturdier than normal steel, it is lighter and has a more aesthetic look on curves. That’s why your zero gravity chair lasts longer and can be transported with ease.

2. Lafuma uses such materials for its zero gravity chairs as Airlon, Sunbrella, Batyline, Polycotton. They have a different texture and are all UV resistible and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The seats are very durable, easy to wash and quickly dryable.

3. Every Lafuma zero gravity chair goes through many durability tests to guarantee its quality. All products conform to strict European quality and safety standards and have 2 years warranty.

Wide opening makes it great for people who are taller than average.
Can handle a whopping 330 pounds of weight.
Distributes weight very well for a comfortable, easy to enjoy seating style.
Resistance levers provides better balance without ever worrying about falling over.
Some people have complained about the chairs durability, but 2-year warranty should help to overcome this.

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