Thursday , June 20 2019
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1. Would the Zero Gravity Chairs work as beach chairs? Easy to carry and comfortable on sand?

Yes, definitely. It’s really great to use as a beach chair.

Zero Gravity Chairs are really easy to carry as they usually light in weight. It may depend on your carrying distance or how many you have to carry. You can easily carry just a little distance really doesn’t make any problem.

2. Can I leave the chair outdoors in the rain? Or I should bring them indoors immediately when raining?

As my experience, the Zero Gravity Chairs dry very quickly. You can leave them outside no problem but I think it would be better to keep them inside while raining. If you leave them outside while raining or show falls just try to dry as soon as possible and they will be all right. No issue I think.

3. Do the chairs come assembled or ready to use?

Yes, it comes with pre-assembled almost. May take 5-10 minutes like to add the side tray etc and then just need to pull them out, sit down and relax!

4. How I can clean my chair?

It’s very simple. Just use a little soap water, scrub and hose to clean it out. You should spray water well and use a brush to do this perfectly. Hope this helps!

5. Are the chairs good for sleeping all over the night?

Zero gravity chairs are really very comfortable to use and you can sleep on it. However, it may not lay down fully falt that can make an issue for long tile uses. You should take care of that.

6. Are the chairs foldable? How do people store it for future uses?

Yes, the chairs are foldable. People can store it easily in different ways like hanging up in the garage or storeroom, placed on the balcony or just behind your bed.