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Anti Gravity Chair: Weightless Feel, Countless Benefits

Are you problematic because of your failing health? Tired of the stressful routines you have been through every day? Well, now might be the perfect time to get relaxed and enjoy life at a greater level. Have all these things through an anti gravity chair.

Anti gravity chair

What is an anti-gravity chair? What benefit does it offer? How much will be the cost of this?

The lighter, less bulky form of zero gravity recliners are referred to as anti-gravity chairs.  These units are designed to provide many of the same benefits and features of the zero gravity recliner.  If you’re worried about a zero gravity recliner taking over as your room’s center of focus, then this chair might be more to your liking.

An anti gravity chair, a.k.a zero gravity chair, is said to be one of the hit inventions of the decade. These comfortable chairs are manufactured especially to support the human body and to give a person an inexplicable relief in every use.

Having the chair would be great!

If you have an affordable zero gravity chair at your home that would be definitely one of the greatest forms of relaxation you could ever experience in your whole life. Best zero gravity recliners offer a very wide selection of benefits. Primarily, these chairs are specially designed to improve poor health conditions. Now, to convince you more to try, here are some of its cool benefits:

The name basically speaks for itself. These very useful chairs are uniquely designed to demonstrate to a person a weightless feel while sitting on it. In fact, the design of the chairs is actually inspired by the seats provided for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts.

The best anti gravity chairs come in different styles, shapes, colors and sizes, depending on the user’s specifications. The following listed primary features show what benefits people will get when they buy and experience it.

Specially Designs for Specific Types of Peoples

Young Professionals and Executives – If you are a young professional or an executive, the models with soft leather and plush padding will be the ideal choice. You can find recliner chairs with orthopedic and ergonomic designs. This product will allow you to adjust the seating position to breathe easily and reduce back stress.

Sick and Elderly – There are also anti-gravity chairs designed especially for people with joint and back problems. These chairs are made to provide full body support to the sick and the elderly. You can choose one with leather and padding or breathable fabric backing.

Kids and Family – You can opt for low-cost folding chairs with fabric backing that you can carry around easily. These are suitable to use at home on the inside or on the patio or perhaps to carry on your camping trips. The patio chairs are designed with frames with protective paint and UV resistant fabrics. It is best to consider the portability features such as carry bags when you are shopping for these kinds of chairs.

Overall, the chairs come with designs that you can adjust to many different reclining angles. So, you can sit upright while at work, relax on your back or lean forward if you are focusing on different projects. All the positions are intended to provide support for the entire body; to keep you comfortable; and to help reduce the pressure on your back.

Features and Advantages of an Anti-Gravity Chair:

Anti gravity chair


First, an anti-gravity chair is ergonomic. It is basically manufactured to minimize physical discomfort. Furthermore, it is aimed at promoting and contributing to good health and proper posture. Its lightweight and flexible design make it possible for the same to accommodate the different positions of the occupant. It has a contoured seat that offers a perfect backrest. Moreover, the wide arm and leg rest allow the person to make long full stretches without having to worry that the seat would give way.


Second, the chairs are highly adjustable. Certainly, in order for the chair to be effective, it must fit the person well. Some anti gravity recliner chairs have either or both manual and automatic repositioning mechanisms. It will make their settings easy to modify. So, the occupant can recline the chair at different angles, without any effect whatsoever on the chair’s uses and purposes. Some zero gravity chair models even allow multiple users to save their personalized settings.


This chair also reduces your back and muscle stress as it gives you a sense of weightlessness just like an astronaut in the outer space.

Massaging Features

Third, these chairs have massaging feature to minimize muscle tension; to aid proper posture, and to promote circulation. You can get massage and maximum comfort to reduce your stress feeling from your daily activity. This anti gravity recliner has 10 massage motors that have also been tested and proven to have decreased tensions such as muscle tensions, heart tensions and tensions in shoulders and back.

Health Benefits

Anti-gravity chair also decreases spinal pressure and heart pressure. Instead, this antigravity recliner improves circulation and lung capacity while heightens up oxygen intake.


Fourth, the chairs are handy to use. These chairs may be folded. Hence, they can be easily stowed away, carried around, and transported to any place. They are actually fit not only for home and office use but for general leisure time as well.


As a final note, an anti-gravity chair is actually perfect for people of all ages. However, it may not be as effective in fully serving its purposes if the chair’s measurements are not a suitable match to the user’s size. Nevertheless, it could still provide a general feeling of comfort and ease.

The chair also offers portability as it can be easily transported anywhere you go. There are cheap chairs available in the market to fit your budget.

So, start looking for your one now and have the best lifestyle you have always wanted.

Anti gravity chair

Popular Brands

An anti-gravity chair also called zero gravity chair, is designed the way so that you can feel weightless if it’s tilted backward at an angle range. In this position, your body is flat and your legs will be above your heart.

Nowadays, there are many popular brands in the market. Most of them brands the origin actually dates back to the time when NASA astronauts wanted their body to recline in a position so that their legs would be high above their heart while taking off. Now, specialists like physiologists and chiropractors, are supporting the use of these reclining chairs for health benefits.

Anti gravity chairs are generally a frame design with a variety of materials stretched over them.  Modern in appearance, some will naturally become conversation pieces for your guests.  If they’re adventurous enough to sit in it, they’ll soon be asking you where they can get one.

Today’s manufacturers have gone to great lengths to provide numerous configurations of these chairs.  By doing so they have ensured their customers can find a design that matches their décor perfectly.  Most manufacturers allow you to select a frame finish, choose your fabric and the fabric color itself.  The majority of models use leather upholstery and those colors can also be designated for no additional cost provided it’s not a custom color.

There are many brands, but some of the most popular ones are Human Touch, Strathwood, Faulkner, Caravan Canopy, and Lafuma.

Human Touch –  Human Touch is actually the main manufacturer of anti gravity chairs worldwide. They offer a variety of models, ranging from basic wood designs to high-end massage chairs with leather upholstery. The reclining lounger can be adjusted in positions to relieve pressure on your spine, to lift your legs, to allow your lungs to breathe easily, and to lower blood pressure.

Strathwood –  Strathwood offers a wide variety of anti-gravity chairs for indoor and outdoor enjoyment. The recliner chairs are designed to offer a weightless or a floating feeling similar to what NASA astronauts would experience in an environment that is gravity-free. With a specialized locking system, you can adjust the chair to many foot and back positions to get added comfort and to support your head and lumbar region.

Faulkner –  Faulkner anti gravity recliner chairs offer comfort for your outdoor needs. These are ideal to use as a patio chair, lawn chair, camp chair, or beach chair as you can fold and carry them around to any location.

Caravan Canopy –  Caravan Canopy chairs are perfect for outdoor and indoor relaxation. With long-lasting fabric and an adjustable headrest. These chairs are extremely useful for many situations.

Lafuma –  Lafuma offers a number of chairs for outdoor use, such as camping, on the beach or by the pool. The range the recliners are practical and sturdy enough to use in many different locations and ways. They offer sleek style and ergonomic comfort, plus, they are foldable for easy transport and storage.

Shopping Ideas

While most anti gravity chairs don’t offer all the bells and whistles found with zero gravity recliners, their motion mechanisms are superior to those found on zero gravity loungers.  A full range of standard positions and the ability to custom adjust your position make the chair a more affordable solution for those seeking relief from muscle tension and back pain.

The cost is significantly less than that of the zero gravity recliner.  Prices generally start around $200 and can go as high as $800 for quality built chairs.  Consumers should be wary of cheap imitations.  As with all new trends, there will always be an attempt to cash in by appealing to the uneducated consumer.  The chairs sold for less than $200 are likely to be cheap imitations that don’t provide the features a true anti-gravity chair provides.

Are you familiar with this type of chairs? If not, then continue reading this short article to learn about the different types as well as the best designs for the specific type of peoples.


An anti gravity or zero gravity chair is one that is highly adjustable. They are specially made to give the utmost support to the body.

While providing comfort and a feeling of weightlessness. Similar to other types of specialized and ergonomic furniture pieces, this chair has to be adjusted carefully to serve its purpose well.

Types for consideration:

Recliner Chair – 

Recliner chairs are the most popular and expensive chairs. It is quite similar to the normal recliners. Most of them are made from high-quality hardwoods and leathers with luxurious and plush fabrics and padding.

Lawn or Lounging Chair –

If you are not looking to spend a lot of money for one of the high-end models, these chairs will be a good option. You can still enjoy the health benefits that the expensive ones offer. As opposed to the expensive leather and padding, folding lounge or lawn chairs. These chairs are made from the mesh material that will make you feel comfortable whilst you are suspended in mid-air.

Massage Chair – 

This chair will provide you with ultimate comfort. The design includes advanced built-in massaging units to increase circulation, lower blood pressure and relieve tension from your shoulders and back.

We touched briefly on the size of these chairs.  They are significantly smaller than the zero gravity recliner.  While this makes them infinitely easier to move both in and out of the home, they present other challenges.  One’s size should be taken into consideration when selecting a zero gravity product. Larger folks will immediately notice the limitations of this chairs.  They are designed to be a mid-range product and in so were built to address the needs of the largest demographic.  Another consideration is safety.  Many of the tubular models have specific weight limitations and they are very realistic concerns.  This should also be considered if you have children use the furniture as a jungle gym.

For those of you not quite ready to take the plunge towards a zero gravity recliner, the chairs may be a less expensive experiment.  Please keep in mind there is no substitute for a zero gravity recliner and comparing them to the anti gravity chair is like comparing a limousine to a school bus.

If you would like to read about how a zero gravity chair should use then please consider reading how zero gravity chair used.